Pure nature, traditions and agricultural customs. In this idyllic, untouched nature from Calabria, in the place where taste and traditions meet is produced Perre Extra-Virgin olive oil.

Extra -Vergine Olive Oil FRANTOIO PERRE

Cultivar Ottobratica 100% made in Italy

Fragrances and taste are a mirror of thousand-year old wisdom of our agricultural traditions, a memory and a dream that every native brings wherever he decides to live. Frantoio Perre wants to makes people who taste their Olive Oil live the experience of ancient traditions, taste and aroma.

Cirella di Platì  (RC) CALABRIA- Italy

Frantoio Perre è un marchio depositato dalla ditta Mediati Maria - Rea RC158767 - P.iva 00446140808  - Via Chiesuola, snc - 89040 Cirella di Platì (RC) - Italy